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USED 中古 商品番号:26910

VENDOME AOYAMA Pt900/850 1 diamond 0.27ct necklace with case

VENDOME AOYAMA Pt900/850 1 diamond 0.27ct necklace with case

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Product Discription

An elegant necklace that allows you to enjoy the maximum brilliance of diamonds wrapped in glossy platinum edging. The synergistic effect of platinum, a symbol of eternity that is simple yet never loses its brilliance over time, and beautiful diamonds creates a finish that stands out even more. Regardless of age, this item will elevate the wearer with its eternal shine.
There are very small light scratches.

《About the product》
・As natural materials are used, the size, color, texture, and shade may vary from piece to piece. There may also be inclusions or slight scratches.
-Condition descriptions and ranks are determined based on our standards. Therefore, there may be differences in subjectivity due to individual differences, so please be aware of this before considering.
- Antique and vintage items may change over time. Since this is a used item, there are scratches and dirt from use.

Product information

  • Product rank
  • A
  • Product condition
  • Good (very small light scratches)
  • Reference original price
  • -
  • material
  • Pt950/850, diamond 0.27ct
  • size
  • Top (including frame) approx. 5mm Thickness approx. 3mm Chain total length approx. 41.8cm
  • gross weight
  • Approximately 2.6g
  • accessories
  • Case
  • others
  • -

Product degree rank

  • N
  • Brand new (as purchased, no signs of use)
  • S
  • Unused (like new, no signs of use)
  • SA
  • Very good (used, almost no scratches or stains)
  • A
  • Good (light scratches and dirt)
  • B
  • Normal (noticeable scratches or dirt)
  • C
  • Not very good (strong signs of use and scratches)
  • D
  • Defects (missing parts, malfunctions)